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Nikola Tesla

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An Indelible Portrayal of Magician’s Wand in Action

At the stroke of midnight, amidst the brightest lightning and the most powerful thunder, a child of Light was born to a good man and his wife. Nikola Tesla, “the genius who lit the world,” was born in the picturesque mountain village of Smiljan, an area of the Balkan Peninsula known as Lika, to Serbian parents Milutin and Ðuka. 

With Nikola Tesla, we encounter the starry constellation of Cancer, the house of the Great Mother herself. One of the twelve great Divinities  2  3 Cancer, often depicted as a crab, is ruled by the Cosmic Moon Mother, the feminine creator. Cancer comes forth as a fountain of immense meaning, the meeting place of heaven and earth. It gifts individuals with two valuable qualities: receptivity and memory. 

In Platonic philosophy, this constellation is considered to be the “Gate of Men,” through which spirits descend from heaven into human bodies. Nikola Tesla embodied many of the traits of a Cancerian. Like the central star of his stellar records, Tesla was attuned to the energy of the universe; he was a transceiver whose sense-organs were sensitive to subtle influences of the external world 4.

All lunar people are taught by their silvery Moon mother how to exist in the natural world. Tesla, as the Moon ruled person, was wrapped in poetically vivid imagination. He inherently knew that if he allows enough silence to find something, the ‘muse’ will have the chance to express itself in his consciousness.  

Naturally, Moon people seek retreat and solitude as their lunar imagination needs space to give in to that part of themselves that is wild and natural and to dance back into remembrance of how to be.

From a young age, Nikola felt called 5 by Nature to tune into the symphony of creation “what one man calls God; another calls the Laws of Physics.” He was fascinated by all creatures and would spend days playing with animals. His favourite childhood companion, above all, was a black cat called Mačak, with whom he spent days immersed in his father's library. His beloved friend followed young Nikola everywhere, and they spent many hours rolling on the grass in a delirium of delight. Little did Tesla know that this feline teacher would be the one to introduce him to electricity:

“as I stroked Mačak’s back, it became a sheet of light and my hand produced a shower of sparks. My father remarked, this is nothing but electricity, the same thing you see on the trees in a storm. My mother seemed alarmed. Stop playing with the cat, she said, he might start a fire. I was thinking abstractly. Is nature a big cat? If so, who strokes its back? It can only be God, I concluded. I cannot exaggerate the effect of this marvellous sight on my childish imagination.”

Inspired by this gentle stroke of insight, Tesla embarked on his life’s mission to unlock and harness the energies found in nature 6  7. On one occasion, a young Nikola demonstrated immense fearlessness by climbing to the top of a barn and, holding onto only an umbrella, jumped off expecting to fly. Did he fly? No. Instead, he plunged to earth and lay unconscious until found by his mother.

Innocent and curious, this Cancerian 8 agent of multi-dimensional wizardry would later write that this incident was the catalyst for his unusual visions. 

Much has been said about how Tesla’s visions presented themselves as strong flashes of light. He was often found waving his hand in front of his face to determine whether the objects were imaginary or real

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration”

His father was a stern but loving Orthodox priest who was also a gifted writer, poet, and linguist. His mother, Ðuka was uneducated but highly intelligent and hard-working, a woman who invented numerous household tools and appliances. Tesla was inspired by his mother to invent:

“My mother descended from one of the oldest families in the country and a line of inventors. Both her father and grandfather 10 11 originated numerous implements for household, agricultural and other uses.”

Tesla was passionate and proud of his heritage and was able to trace his family history to the 1700s. This ability to link one’s lineage through long history is a common trait amongst people of the Balkan Peninsula. They have an inherent necessity to know those brave hearts who, since Illyrian times, lived in the realm of Slavic paganism and later replaced the mythological deities with the holy cross. 

His peers and teachers knew him as a dreamer who had a poetic touch but also as a person with self-discipline and a desire for precision 12. Nikola had a steady will and knew that success came from 100 percent intention and a willingness to be guided by the Spirit within. It is no surprise that Tesla developed an interest in the supernatural. As the word suggests, the supernatural is super, but more importantly, it is natural.

Tesla compulsively observed the physical environment around him and studied with a staggering appetite 13He knew by heart the works of Descartes, Goethe, Spencer, and Shakespeare. His father, concerned for his son’s health, forbid Tesla from using candles, so he was unable to read. Undeterred, Tesla made his own candles, sealed the cracks in his room, and continued readingOne of the books that greatly impacted Nikola’s life was Abafi, written by Hungarian writer Miklós Jósika.

"This work somehow awakened my dormant powers of will and I began to practice self-control. At first, my resolutions faded like snow in April, but in a little while I conquered my weakness and felt a pleasure I never knew before - that of doing as I willed."

Nikola’s early signs of genius 14 were discovered when he performed integral calculus without assistance, prompting his teachers to think he was cheating. He was a true magician’s wand in action, concentrated and directed, quickly receiving insights into how to solve problems and issues 15. His father wanted him to enter the priesthood, but young Tesla was passionate about mathematics and science and was determined to become an engineer.

Tesla was near death many times; on one occasion, he contracted cholera which left him bedridden for close to a year. In a moment of desperation, his father aware of Tesla’s desire to study technical sciences
16, agreed to send him to an Austrian Polytechnic School in Graz if he recovered from the illness. As Cancer imagines himself to feel, so shall he actually feel. Tesla recovered, and his wish became a reality.

At the university, professors quickly recognised Tesla's sheer scientific creativity and genius. After Graz, Tesla studied in Maribor, Prague, and Budapest, where he came into contact with the former general representative of the Edison company. From there, he travelled 17 to New York, where he began to work for Thomas Edison, a sharp businessman and genius in his own right. Before emigrating to the United States of America, he suffered another near-death experience. Unoccupied while ill, he read various works, including volumes of new work written by the ‘man in white’ Mark Twain. Twain’s work, in particular, turned Tesla’s spirit and assisted his miraculous recovery:

“Twenty-five years later, when I met Mr Samuel Clemens we formed a friendship between us, and I told him of the experience and was amazed to see that great man of laugher bursts into tears.”

In Edison’s laboratory, Tesla worked tirelessly making improvements to Edison’s inventions. The competition became fierce and the two soon parted ways due to differing personalities. Injustice in all forms angered Tesla and he suffered greatly in his stand against robber barons 18This humble man highly disliked greed and materialism.

As an environmentalist, he honoured and respected Mother Nature as the great goddess she truly is. He was an individual ahead of his time, who belonged to a world where humankind thinks, feels and acts on a higher, more enlightened level.

"We must be sentimental towards the birds, this is because of their wings, human had them once, the real and visible!"

Soon after his leaving Edison’s company, Tesla embarked on his first solo adventure. With the aid of financial backer J. P. Morgan, Tesla founded Colorado Springs, an experiments laboratory containing high-voltage radio transmission equipment. The lab was equipped with a 200 ft. transmission tower and the highest quality receiving equipment available at the time. On one occasion, when he was alone at Colorado Springs, Tesla observed what he cautiously referred to as signals from outer space:
“I can never forget the first sensations I experienced when it dawned upon me that I had observed something possibly of incalculable consequences to mankind. I felt as though I were present at the birth of a new knowledge or the revelation of a great truth. The changes I noted were taking place periodically and with such a clear suggestion of number and order that they were not traceable to any cause known to me. I was familiar, of course, with such electrical disturbances as are produced by the sun, Aurora Borealis, and earth currents, and I was as sure as I could be of any fact that these variations were due to none of these causes. The nature of my experiments precluded the possibility of the changes being produced by atmospheric disturbances, as has been rashly asserted by some. It was some time afterward when the thought flashed upon my mind that the disturbances, I had observed might be due to an intelligent control. Although I could not at the time decipher their meaning, it was impossible for me to think of them as having been entirely accidental. The feeling is constantly growing one that I had been the first to hear the greeting of one planet to another.”
Tesla never abandoned the idea of communicating with other worlds. In 1931, during an interview for the cover story of Time magazine to celebrate his 75th birthday, he said:

“I think that nothing can be more important than interplanetary communication 19. It will certainly come someday, and the certitude that there are other human beings in the universe, working, suffering, struggling, like ourselves, will produce a magic effect on mankind and will form the foundation of a universal brotherhood that will last as long as humanity itself. 20

Throughout his career, Tesla’s work largely revolved around electricity. He discovered, designed, and developed the AC (alternating-current) electrical system. It quickly became the primary power system of the 20th century and has since remained the worldwide standard. Tesla, with an innate brilliance and desire to improve access to technology, also invented wireless communications, induction motor, fluorescent and neon lights, remote control, and robotics. He also patented the Tesla coil, which laid the foundation for wireless technologies and is still used in radio technology today. To this day, a great deal of Tesla’s secret papers, documents, drawings, and blueprints remain in the U.S. government’s hands and are highly classified.

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Sun in Cancer in the 4th house swimming in pure prana. Keeping all life alive.


With every astrological constellation we encounter a spiritual power in the form of being-like planetary intelligences. The human being consists of all twelve zodiacal archetypes of Divinity.


They move, evolve and progress within the consciousness of our being, assisting and supporting our unique crystalline embodiment and expression. That is why the Self is to be Known and the Destiny is to be Fulfilled. Know Thyself: Fulfil thyself.


In whatever place, Cancer and its ruler, the Moon manifest themselves in the chart, they invite you to utilize their extraordinary powers of observation, production and reproduction. The Moon lures you into her subconscious waters in order to activate your individual light codes embedded deep within the psyche. 

Pluto conjunct Uranus in the 1st house certainly made Tesla feel as though he had a special destiny to fulfil. 
South Node conjunct Mars and Moon in the 6th the trinity of these potent forces activate gifts and talents from other lifetimes to be remembered and easily integrated into the present life. 6th house is in analogy with Virgo, if this house is emphasised it inclines one towards perfectionism and training; also, deep fulfilment when energy is invested in work and service to society.
This wasn’t the first time our friend Nikola played with alchemy (Moon conjunct South Node), however this time around he came to fully embody his Wizardry, and in that change the course of science forever while motioning the whole humanity forward (North node in Aries).
He needed freedom and independence in order to discover his specialness (Sun sextile Uranus), through the experiences he was instinctively drawn into.
Uranus in the 1st house sextile Neptune in the 12th house indicates that Tesla would often find himself living in the depths, at the psychoid level of subconsciousness where there are no divisions of time, space, body and soul.
.Saturn has the affinity to the lineage; it is a direct physical manifestation of those who were part of this world before - the mothers and fathers of the past. Tesla has a Saturn in Cancer in the 3rd house indicating that he was a mental intuitive who had a very deep intellect that’s been passed down from the infinite sea of personalities seated in his bones.
This tremendous mentally intuitive intellect he utilised with love for the purpose of bringing forth new dawn of Light so that the global collective of the 19th century would be able to see in the deepest of the night (Saturn conjunct Venus). 
Saturn conjunct Ascendant makes their mark in the world. This aspect gave Tesla an ambitious and responsible personality. Tesla had an inborn desire to excel and expand the wonders he perceived with his inner eye (North node conjunct Jupiter in 12th)
Mercury in Gemini in the 3rd house gave him a keen and alert mentality; everything your awareness touches becomes a field for your intellectual attainment.
Pluto in the 1st house gave Tesla a magnetic force, the specific energy of gentle power that could not be ignored. Pluto in the 1st house pulls us in, it magnetises us. This position also blessed him with a tremendous drive to transform himself as he went through life. He was compulsive, even obsessive in achieving his goals.
Mars in Libra gifted Tesla with the power of tremendous alignment. Mars inconjunct Neptune in the 12th house indicates that he was able to link thoughts, even frequencies coming from higher communication no matter the distance.
This eternal bachelor was in fact in love once with a girl called Ana. He delighted in her company and often they would talk about their future together. Ana dreamt of children and Tesla dreamt of inventions (Part of fortune in visionary Aquarius in the 10th house).
Sagittarius on the 8th and 9th house seeks knowledge and wisdom overseas. Through deep transformation and higher learning, he created firm foundations for his future scientific discoveries.
Chiron in Aquarius in the 10th house. With this placement one is likely to be somewhat rebellious of authority.
Neptune in Pisces in the 12th house has the need to withdraw periodically into the world of imagination. This placement longs for numinous realms beyond this earthly plane of existence. 
Ability to sense otherworldly influences and receive psychic information (Neptune sextile Midheaven). This placement predisposed Tesla to seek for a spiritual joy in his work. He functions at his best when in service to the world, helping to move it closer to interconnectedness (Midheaven trine Uranus).